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This list is aimed at facilitating communication and interaction between persons interested in the environmental sciences (in its widest sense) and their application to environmental planning and management in Ireland.

Only subscribers can post messages to the list. The advertising of jobs and tenders for work is encouraged. If you have details of seminars, activities, stories of environmental interest that subscribers may be interested in please send it to: esai@listserv.heanet.ie. To subscribe to the ESAI Listserv follow the instructions below:

  1. Address an email to listserv@listserv.heanet.ie
  2. Type only: SUBSCRIBE ESAI firstname surname. Omit your signature and anything else you may normally add.
  3. The Listserver will respond asking you to confirm. Reply to this email containing only the message: ok. Again omit signature and anything else you may normally add.
  4. To send a message to participating members, send email to: esai@listserv.heanet.ie

For more information on "what is a listerv?", contact L-Soft and to search past messages on the ESAI listserver archive click here.

To join or leave the ESAI Listserver, please visit this page, complete and submit the form and follow the instructions.

Constitution and Code of Ethics

You can download the following documents in pdf format. Click on the links below.


Council Members

You can find out who is on the ESAI council and contact details for council members on our Council page.

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